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The Trans-Iberian Express

The philosophies behind the Trans-Iberian Express

The idea for the Trans-Iberian Express cycling route came to me several years ago as I was riding through Andalusia with a friend. If we've got greenways that go through regions, I thought, why hasn't anyone gotten around to linking all the things that already exist, so that it's possible to cross the country?

No one did, so I did.

Thanks to the SALOMON WOMEN WILL program offered by Salomon Sports, there is one route which takes you clear across the country. The TRANS-IBERIAN EXPRESS is a route that allows you to go from Hondarribia, on the northern end of the Spanish-French border, to Tarifa, the southernmost city in Europe. Along the way, you'll get to go through some of Spain's most lovely, most historic cities and towns; enjoy the diversity of Spain's wines and cuisine; and see the Spain that Spaniards themselves love...but which few foreigners can be bothered to seek out.

When it's finished, this webpage will serve as an online guidebook that gives you information on the route - where to sleep, where to eat, what to see, and any possible dangers or diversions that you may need to know about. As such, the contents will change a bit over the next year or so, as highways get re-paved (or blown up to four lanes), greenways get developed and things change, for both better or worse. I welcome all comments and suggestions, and encourage everyone who's interested in cycle touring to consider the Trans-Iberian Express ... a route created by cyclists for cyclists.

The first documents

The Blog: A day-by-day account of the Trans-Iberian route
Interested in the Salomon Women Will competition? Look no further.
The participant guide: Basic information for those who were interested in taking part in the first ride.
A packing list I created for people who are interested in taking a cycling holiday. Note that if you're coming to Spain between May and October, you (probably) won't need a lot of the cool weather clothes, but I wouldn't leave the rain clothes at home, just in case
CLICK HERE if you're looking for the instructions for each day's ride.